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Specifying holeInput.tipAngle('0 deg') throws a System error

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Specifying holeInput.tipAngle('0 deg') throws a System error

Hi! Thank you for creating this supportive community. 

I am currently writing a script that would make holes (with rect. pattern) on the face that was previously selected by a user. I specified the `holeInput` and essentially my script does produce the holes (see picture).

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 11.08.25.png

However, the holes produced have this downside triangle tip that I would like to avoid (see them pointed out by red box). I want to have the flat bottom of the hole and it seems like I can achieve this with tipAngle property. However, when I set this property at either 0 deg or 180 deg it throws a system error.

Any ideas about what could help here? Thanks in advance!

Here is the code that throws this error

                holeInput = holes.createSimpleInput(adsk.core.ValueInput.createByString('0.7 cm'))
                holeInput.setPositionByPoint(face_lst[0], face_lst[0].centroid)
                holeInput.setDistanceExtent(adsk.core.ValueInput.createByString('0.7 cm'))  
                holeInput.participantBodies = 
                #holeInput.tipAngle('180 deg') #ERROR DOES NOT ALLOW ME TO SET IT TO 0 OR 180  
                # TODO: figure out the width of the body and set corresponding distance extent            
                hole = holes.add(holeInput)   

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