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Specialized extrusion tool for mold making

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Specialized extrusion tool for mold making

I know this is a long shot. I was hoping for some direction in creating an extrusion tool that cuts itself out around bodies it encounters, the idea being that you extrude over a model and then have a bottom side of a mold formed in the shape of the bottom of the model with walls containing it. The end goal of this is to code up a mold making add-in that requires minimal input from a user to creates molds that take shape around the object such as in the first image attached.  These molds are intended for metal casting so the ability to remove the result without flexing either part or mold is essential.

My other idea for an approach is to have two overlapping cubes, each encompassing the desired object, as shown in the second image, then cutting out lines from the object to separate the cubes. I am very new to fusion so any guidance on creating an extruding tool that does this or even just a fast and simple method to slice up cubes based off of lines drawn by the user around the edge of the model would be amazing.

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Hi ,


This is quite interesting to me. To begin I would try to create an external body and cut it with your model, then cut the body using one of the edges of your model. However, I am not sure how close the result is to your expectations.


It would be nice too if you can provide the model (to be molded) and the expected result (the mold itself) so that others can experiment with it to help you.

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Hi @j.han97 


Attached are the bracket model I'm using as my base, alongside a mold for it made in Rhino. Unfortunately the idea you have suggested doesn't appear to work with this particular file, which I have been told is my benchmark for getting my mold maker working. I've also tried extruding a top down project sketch to create a sealed border around the bracket and attempting to fill the outline using internal fluid volume (Attached image) but Fusion appears to not register the space between the enclosed bracket and any lid I put on it.


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