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Some VSCode fixes delivered with Fusion October release

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Some VSCode fixes delivered with Fusion October release

As part of October update, We added few fixed where you can run the script from VSCode itself.


1. If you started the VSCode in edit mode, then clicking on option "Debug->Start Without Debugging" will run the script on Fusion side. This will connect the VSCode with Fusion. Now if you want to make another change in script and re-run it then disconnect it first and again click on option "Debug->Start Without Debugging" to run the script.

2. You can start the debugging also from VSCode. If you started the VSCode in edit mode and now want to start the debugging then put the breakpoint at the first line of the main script and click on "Debug->Start Debugging". If you started the VSCode in "Debug" mode then it will automatically stop at the first line of the script. No need to add the breakpoint explicitly.

3. We also fixed Fusion hang issue on Mac while starting VSCode in debug mode from Fusion add-in dialog.


I hope it will improve the experience with VSCode. Thanks. 


There are still some issues with MS python extension so please stick to 2019.9.34911 for now. 

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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in reply to: goyals

After the update, it is clearly easier to use.
Thank you very much.

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in reply to: goyals

That works great Goyals! Thanks a lot!


I did indeed need to move back to the previous ms-python version to get it to work but now it's all smooth sailing!



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