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Snapeda Error. No 3D file. No 2D File.

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Snapeda Error. No 3D file. No 2D File.

I am trying to add a part to an electronics library from snapeda plug in but when I click import it prompts me the next error: Error. No 3D file. I click ok and automatically it also prompts Error. No 2D file. Sometime, between both messages it also prompts There was a temporary issue upon downloading. Please try again. And thats all I get. I can not import or download any model.
I have no other error messages or hint about which could be the problem. I thought of uninstalling snapeda and installing it again, but I have not found how to properly uninstall it. 
I am working on a macbook pro with the last MacOS version on an M1 chip.

I would be grateful for any help.


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I have decided to stop the plugin and unselect the "Run on Startup" option. I have restarted Fusion360 and manually launched the plug in. It is perfectly working now. 
I don't know which could be the problem but it is solved now.

Thank you all.

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