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Slicey - Create slices of a body

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Slicey - Create slices of a body

Maybe someone will find this useful. There is a demo screencast in the readme pasted below. It wasn't letting me insert it into the post.


# Slicey
Creates slices as sketches of an object given a body and an intersecting plane
Lighter weight version of Autodesks slicer thing that only does stacked slices with limited functionality,
but you don't get logged out.

Useful if you want to keep an eye on the interiors of on object or exporting slices for processing elsewhere or for getting a feel of what the stacked slices will look like when you bring it into slicer or if you need less slices.

# Install
Basically like it says here:

# Notes
- Sketches and planes are added to a new component called slicey
- Will create 2 items in the timeline for each slice (a plane for the sketch and the sketch)
- The slices are linked to the original body, so if the body changes, the slices are auto updated. Because of this you can't edit the slices
- I haven't found a good way to export large numbers of slices yet. Origin's export will just stack them on top of each other in the svg file from what I can tell so you can't separate the different slices.
- This thing isn't very robust, I don't know how to detect all the error detection bits. I leave it as an exercise to the user to find out how. Use at your own risk. It probablly wont break your project though.
- Slices aren't labeled (other than by the offset appended to the sketch name)
- A few things have changed after I made this, but a demo can be seen here:
# Parameters
- Size of each slice:
Thickness of each slice
- Distance to slice:
The distance to slice. Symmetric in each direction
- Body to slice
Body to slice
- Plane to slice
Plane to slice. Should be intersecting or else you wont get any slices

# 2019
# Adam Bidema

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