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Slicer addon install trouble

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Slicer addon install trouble



  When I noticed where the addon Slicer was going to install by default, I changed the location and continued.  After 30 minutes or so, it didn't install, so I selected Cancel.  Days ago.  The Cancel dialog is still present.  I've closed Fusion360 and Autodesk Selfextract is still displayed, with Cancelling Extraction.  Is this something I need to reboot to get rid of?  The Help link, using "i" icon, says I don't have access permission to Help.


  Thanks for any info/suggestions/advice you may have.Slicer stuck 2.JPGSlicer stuck.JPG

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Hi Amelia, 

I don't think we've had this reported before. On the one side, it's strange that you are led to a staging environment on Help (which is only available for internal testing, and the reason why you get the permission denied). This is separate from a Slicer issue. I'll report it to the right people, since some others may be getting into the same problem if they hit i.


Regarding the error in install, can I know more about your system? Version of Windows? I would reboot or try to kill any remaining process with the task manager.



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Regarding "i", not a public use icon, ???  Why is it displayed?My system description snapshot below, inserted.Regarding install of "Slicer", I changed default location for installation, don't know if that's what caused it to hang.
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i points to the wrong link. It should point to production Help and not staging. Staging is restricted to internal users for testing purposes. That's why it's visible. I already asked the team in charge of installers to check it out.

Regarding installation, can you please check if keeping the default path works?



Guillermo Melantoni
Senior Product Line Manager
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  The default location looks to have installed just fine.  I'm told 123D Design and Make are no longer ... "available", as in updated or supported, because bothfunctionalities are moved to Fusion360.  Are all features of both in Fusion360 and working?

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