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Sketch to csv of interpolated points

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Sketch to csv of interpolated points

I have a sketch of a curve which I then used as the center line to sweep a shape along it to create a curved pipe. See below for the sketch. What I would like to do is export a csv of x,y,z points defining/interpolated along the curve which I used to create the geometry so that I can use the shape of the center line for other purposes in my workflow. I've tried exporting the sketch as a dxf file, but from there I haven't been able to turn that into a human-readable or program-readable format for further processing. Any ideas on how I could do this? I'm open to scripting and played around with the ImportCSV example script; however, I couldn't figure out how to realize my idea through the API.


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Hi daniel.puleri.


I may not understand correctly.

In the past, I have created a script that exports sketch 3D curves as IGES, STEP, SAT files.
I hope this will be of some help.

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That worked out well. I was able to import the step file into another piece of software for further processing to get data in a parse-able format.

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