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Sharing components among different projects/designs?

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Sharing components among different projects/designs?

Say in Design A I have a bolt component among others;


Now I am working on Design B for a different machine. What is proper workflow to re-use the bolt component from Design A in the current Design B?


What if the bolt for Design B has some different parameters than the bolt in Design A?


It might not be hard to re-create a bolt in Design B, however, imagine that I need to reuse a more complicated component(sub-assembly)?


If it is possible to re-use components among different designs easily, is such workflow supported by API?



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You can share components by inserting the component into your design.  Components can be linked (referenced) into the design if they are in the same project, or they can be copied into the design.  If you want the component to have different parameter values, you would have to copy the component into the design to be able to independently modify it.  Insert link or copy are supported in the API with the Occurrences.addByInsert method.



Kris Kaplan

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