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Settings file location ("Preferances" file location)

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Settings file location ("Preferances" file location)

Hello 😉

Can anybody tell me where is located file with preferences values, so I could easily create backup of my favorite preferences ?

Another solution is to create script that will set up my favorite preferences automatically (something like "Restore defaults" button, but with my values instead default).

Is there any way to set up for example "reverse zoom direction" or "user language" from command line?

It would be nice to easily come back to favorite preferences after tinkering settings around 🙂

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This is the sample script showing how to reverse the zoom direction. You can definitely try to write down the script to change the preferences. The only concern is that We might not be having all Fusion preference options available through API


app = adsk.core.Application.get() 

preferences = app.preferences 

general = preferences.generalPreferences 

general.isZoomDirectionReversed  = True


On Mac you can search for options folder at this location Library/Application Support/Autodesk/Autodesk Fusion 360/ which contains all preference files.

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager

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