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Select a DataFolder as input in Fusion

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Select a DataFolder as input in Fusion

I am producing a tool using the API that parametrically adjusts dimensions, parts used, and additional parameters based on complex constraints. To do this, the API builds a component tree in the selected folder. However, I'm not sure how to enable user fusion folder selection. One option is to assume the user wants the design in the root folder of the project, but I'd prefer to have them explicitly select an option. Is there any way to have a user select a dataFolder using the current API?

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The API lets you query to find available projects and folders and files within a project. However, it doesn't provide any kind of built-in UI to allow the user to choose a folder.  You'll need to do something on your own.  If it's just a flat list then a simple drop-down will work, however if you want to provide a tree structure that would be more of a challenge.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog
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Yes, I was hoping for something more amenable to an arbitrarily nested tree structure. Are there any plans to enable that sort of functionality?


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