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Script to produce key type device

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Script to produce key type device

Hi Everybody...


First let me apologise for being such a noob and wanting to do something outwith my skill level and basically just jump the whole learn how to do it bit... but I have good reason to want to get this done asap.


I work in IT at a hospital in the UK  - we are currently prepping for the impending Covid-19 outbreak.

In my department we make wide use of door lock/keypads like the one shown here. These area are accessed by many people  each having to handle the keypad and knob - not ideal given the current situation!


I have designed a key type thing that presses the correct number pattern, and a knob cover that has a slot that the key can lock into to turn it, all without having to touch the door (well apart from your foot to then kick it open)




So that's all good, It works and the guys seem to like it! however I would like to share this out I know of many places it could be of great help just now, I guess I could just stick my STL's on thingiverse or the likes, but I would really like to make it easy for people to create different code combinations.

The 'key prongs' are really just areas of a sketch extruded, could I possibly number these areas then have some sort of script that would create a STL?


I know I'm asking a lot, but also that it really could help stopping Covid-19 being transferred within these types of secured locations.... hence speed in getting it done is kinda essential.


Anyone willing to assist? please.



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