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script based projects

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script based projects

Sometimes it's preferable to do modeling in scripts versus the gui.  In which case the models are merely output and the scripts are the core project files.  But I don't see an option to support this design style which ought to make the scripts be the cloud shared project files and allow models to be automatically discarded or kept locally without ever uploading them to the cloud.  Small scripts can make big models.  Uploading and downloading the output instead of the source files is wasteful of time and resources.

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We do plan on having scripts being (at least optionally) stored in the cloud, associated with the user (synchronized to any machine you log in on), and sharable (like project items).  But the exact form that this will take or the timeline for this work has not been determined yet.  You should definitely post your ideas on how this would best satisfy your workflows in the IdeaStation to raise the visibility and collaboration.



Kris Kaplan
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Kris, thanks for the info.  I was hesitant to post to the IdeaStation because I thought there might be some support for this already that I was missing.  I tried uploading scripts to a project but the uploads failed and I wasn't sure if I had failed to find the right approach or if scripts as part of a project was completely unsupported.  If it merits an IdeaStation post I want to think it through to avoid offering up a half baked thought with major flaws...

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