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Sample Scripts Nightmare

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Sample Scripts Nightmare

  • Start here:
  • Click on 'sample programs available on GitHub'.
  • Scroll down to 'Scripts and Add-Ins from Fusion Users'.
  • The first four scripts are Javascript, so none of these will work.
  • In the 'Autodesk Sample Scripts and Add-Ins', thirteen of the scripts are Javascript.

Why are these scripts still documented on official sites? 

Why is there no warning that they can't be installed or run?

Who do I send the bill to for my lost time trying to install a Javascript script?




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in reply to: etfrench

Here's a direct link to a script from the real official site.  ("Github" is not official.):-


On the above page is a "Search Learning" box to help you find other scripts to do what you're after.


Note that Fusion 360 is complex, and resists being forced - it's an AMAZING skill to learn, but in order to learn it, you've got to smack anger out of your head: treat it as something you want to fall in love with, and forgive all its faults: that way, you learn fast.  Everyhting else will waste even more time and make you even more mad - no matter how smart you are unfortunately 😞


Good Luck!

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in reply to: OceanHydroAU

Unfortunately, Github is linked directly from an Autodesk site.  They need to clean it up.

It can be quite frustrating for users when the documentation is so out of date.  It's not only the API documentation. 


I did find a couple of posts here on the forum which helped.  I needed to make several hundred copies of a file with each of them having a minor change.  The script I cobbled together changes two text items and one parameter, then saves the file with a new name.  40 of these will be jointed to a carrier board, then machined.  About the only problem now is to convert the carrier board file to a ParaSolid file.  I suspect it's going to be manual😣



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in reply to: etfrench

If those changes can be made into parameters - you can make them as "per-component" parameters - e.g. when specifying something like a length, type "length=20" into the input box.  Then, mark that as a favorite (click the star), then save.


You can then insert "several hundred" or whatever copies of that one component, and adjust that parameter individually for each one.


I absolutely promise you, that after you've saved all 100 individually-modified files, that you'll find some reason you need to change every one of them... murphy's law rules.  If it was just one parametric component to start with, not a problem. Good luck!

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