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Run script from external python script, automated

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Run script from external python script, automated

I am working with separate programs and programming languages which produce date for 3D-modelling. Now I need to send that data (e.g. coordinates) from the external programs to a fusion 360 python script or addin which deals with the data and e.g. creates or modifies my already loaded model.

Is there a way to let external software communicate with the scrips and addins or at least trigger them to start without me manually doing so. Ideally I could thus ‘control’ Fusion 360 from the external program. 

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You can use any of the normal IPC mechanisms. E.g. you could have a fusion script that listens on a tcp port on localhost, and have your external script connect to that port and send data.


Here's an example from an add-in of mine that listens for http and ssdp requests:

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Thanks for the reply.

I would like to get the connection running without having to rely on network communication.

I managed to get a named pipe connection running between c# and python. However only if the python script doesn't run within Fusion360. As soon as I want the python script to run within Fusion360 the libraries 

win32pipe and win32file "couldn't be found". I guess that is due to the fact that Fusion comes with its own python. Is there a way to get third party library running so that Fusion recognises them?

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