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Run on startup: Modules not loaded

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Run on startup: Modules not loaded



I'm running into a bit of a mess; my add-ins started giving some issues since a recent update. On the startup of an add-in it requests a response from a REST api using the python urllib module. On some apps the module in not yet loaded when the add-in already runs; this will result in a error.


What confuses me to the point of madness is that copying the full code in a new file resolves the issue. Now, when I check if the module is loaded everything is fine.


>> 'urllib' in sys.modules = True



Somehow it is related to the file/folder naming and manifest file: the issue is gone when I name the folder "a" and is back when the name is restored. (Some sort of  cashing?) Changing the description in the manifest file: it is now the adsk.core module that is missing attributes.


I've tried using the startupCompleted event but that does not seem to make a difference.


Has anyone run into something similar before? Or does anyone have a clue as to where I should start looking for the error?



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