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Receiving a flag from Fusion back when it is finished processing the changes on a model

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Receiving a flag from Fusion back when it is finished processing the changes on a model

For my application, we send in parameter changes through an external program that communicates with a Fusion add-in, but don't have any feedback for the user when fusion has completed these changes inside the program. I'm wondering if it's possible for Fusion to send back a boolean flag to an add-in when it's finished processing changes to a model that are sent from an add-in. 


Mainly for communicating with a user when the changes they input are complete in Fusion.

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Hi @derek.bell10 .


It is possible that I am not understanding the meaning of the question.


I believe that in Fusion360, many changes are made using commands.
How about using a commandTerminated Event that is triggered by the completion of a command? 

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You shouldn't need any notification from Fusion to tell you when the processing is finished.  This is because when you use any of the functions to edit a parameter value, that function call doesn't return until the model has finished computing.  There's nothing to wait for because the work to update the model is done.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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