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Python Script - Get Sheet Metal Thickness

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Python Script - Get Sheet Metal Thickness

Can anybody help?


I have seen a lot of posts regarding the lack of support for sheet metal API.


Is it now supported?


I need to be able to get the sheet metal thickness, using a Python script and display the thickness, for testing purposes, in a messagebox.


Many thanks in advance!



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in reply to: isocam

There are some basic Sheet Metal and Flat Pattern features now available through the API, added last year.

Thickness can be grabbed from the SheetMetalRule object. Thickness returns a SheetMetalRuleValue which you would use .expression or .value depending on what you want to display.

The quickest way to grab a SheetMetalRule is through Component.activeSheetMetalRule

So for an easy example of a file using sheet metal in the root component:



app = adsk.core.Application.get()
des = app.activeProduct
root = des.rootComponent
smr = root.activeSheetMetalRule
smr.thickness.expression # e.g. "2.50 mm"



And you can use that expression in a message box.

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