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Python learning Resource specifically for Fusion 360 API

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Python learning Resource specifically for Fusion 360 API

Hi all. I am Kishore. I am basically a newcomer to pragramming and scripting. I would like to use python as the programming language for Fusion API. I have gone through some python tutorials specifically concentrated on Object Oriented Programming and I got some basicss out of it. And I am also presently going through the API hackathon webinars and the help documentation. I am facing difficulties in relating the Python oop and Fusion API. Although the API rely on OOP, I am not getting a clear idea on the stuff. Let me give you an example, What basically I learnt from Python OOP tutorials is that we will create a class, which acts as a blueprint for creating objects. In which the classes have attributes and methods which will be the it's identity and things it can do respectively. In API, I came to know there will be objects and it will have methods to perform tasks and why there were no classes in API?  And what's the difference between collection and standard objects having the same name with the only difference not havnig 's' at the last. What's the difference in both of them. I am also having difficulties in the terminology like, are methods and functions the same and attributes and properties the same? Am I overthinking much or missing any relevant information. Please, can anyone clear these concepts  and possible any resource so that all these can be cleared. Any python OOP reference for API specific would be very great. Thank you in future

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Hello all, I have found a video series titled 'Fusion 360 API Training labs' posted recently on YouTube( link attached). Although it was posted by an user, it seems like it's like from official training. If it's official, can anyone tell me the details of that training and it has been mentioned in the video that there would be 4 labs but only the videos of first lab are posted, if it is an ingoing one, how to attend those tutorials. Please anyone having the details reply, I am in great need of that training. Thanks.

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