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Python Editor Not Launching

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Python Editor Not Launching

When I click "Edit" on a Python add-in on OSX, nothing happens. C++ add-ins launch Xcode as expected.

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OK, just tried on Windows and the same thing, click edit and nothing happens. First time on Windows it brought up a command prompt that said it was installing something. I already had VS Code installed on both systems and set up with C++ and C# extensions so don't know if it could be related to that?

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Hi @neil.mendoza ,

It is issue with latest python extension installed in VSCode.

You need to downgrade the ms-python extension from VScode to lower version 2019.9.34911.

Please refer to the following similar issue.

API debugger doesn't work after Oct 2019 update

Solutions provided by @goyals will work for you. Go to Solution.

The window you are seeing is fusion checks for the extension if it not there it will try to install latest extension.

Nilesh Mohite

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