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Python beginning

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Python beginning

Hi Everyone,


I would like to create models for a board game. The game has about 100 models and on every model is another number. So I just thought there is a possibility for doing it in python.

At first python should open the first already finished file (model with number one). Inside the model the existing sketch with the text should be changed, by increasing the number. Aferwards the text should be extruded and the file should be saved for the number and export the model in stl.

This would be really great, but my mothertongue is german and my english is a little bit rusty. So I couldn't find a command to open a project in fusion360. Is there a command to change existing sketches? Where do I find these commands?


Thanks in advance

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Hi @wildnerc .


I think this one is close. 


If there are any unclear areas, it will be easier to answer if you can write down the specifics.

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