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Pull Part Data With Mass and Volume Out of Drawings

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Pull Part Data With Mass and Volume Out of Drawings

If I have a bunch of folders that each represent a quote that I need to make up for a customer. Each folder has a different part drawing in it. Is there a way to script it so that I can open any new drawings and export the data to a spreadsheet? It would also be incredible if we could get snapshots of the part with the Properties next to it like I have done in the snip below.


I should also note that I've never created a script in Python before.part info.JPG



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Yes, possible, but a reasonable amount of work for a proficient programmer to complete.


If you already know how to program - I estimate that it would take you about 2 months to write this and get it working nicely, while learning python and the Fusion360 API all at the same time.


If you're more of a "hacker class" programmer and just want a quick-and-dirty solution for yourself, perhaps 2 weeks would get it done (learning just enough API and Python as needed).

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And, a "Plan B" - these guys have done a load of work that's quite close to what you want, so they might be affordable to adjust their stuff to solve your problem:

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I am looking to hack a similar problem, and will post resources here as I find them (or until I give up).

This is a link to the reference documentation sample for getting "physical properties."

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