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Publish closed source Python script

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Publish closed source Python script

Hi, I have a small Python AddIn that I want to publish in the app store

Is there any way to publish it without disclosing its source code?

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I am not completely sure about it but I think compiled python script should be OK.

Shyam Goyal
Sr. Software Dev. Manager
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You should look into the Entitlement API on the ModTheMachineBlog


FYI, Python is a "public" language compare to, for example, Java as it does not allow to create public/private classes, etc. Thus, a closed sourcecode is practically impossible as the user can open the Command Window from within Fusion360 and using the Documentation, look into the available class/method descriptions as well as to go into the API folder on their PC and see the code itself, much like you can do the same on your computer for the Fusion360 native commands (Extrude, Pattern, etc.)

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