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Prompt Engineering?

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Prompt Engineering?

Is Autodesk developing the capacity for 'Prompt Engineering'?  Might also be known as an 'Intelligent Assistant' or another buzz term.  I'm thinking of something like...  "Make me a circular cylinder, A wide, B long...  Attach the end... No, the other end.  Yes. this surface (mouse-overing).  Extend from the other surface an inch..." and so on.  Vastly increase a designer's efficiency.  Make jumping in fun and easy.  Beat the competition in the IDE race.  Thanks.

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Hi @tedj1 .


In the past, I have read about a Japanese person who tested Fusion360 scripts with chatGPT. 

The answer does not seem to be far off, but it is not correct either.
(I think he needs to learn a little more.)

I don't have the technology, but I think this direction might be a step in the right direction for what you want.

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Mr TedJ1,


Such low-cost, widely available technology has been practised for a long time. Look around. Check yourself in the mirror.

You are the evidence that the current one, working hard days and nights "produced" another successful outcome.😉

Why do you want substandard AI?

Can you imagine the future creative process leading to the existence of another TJ1  hundred years from now?

If you can, ... better start saving your bitcoins. (name of the currency might change)

If you can't… re-read your original post!





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Don't know what you're talking about, MichaelT_123, but Autodesk would probably need to develop such a capability themselves, perhaps in association with AI experts.  They should have done so already, but particularly now since the field is changing so fast.  Show me any good example of that sort of working interface with a voice-aware assistant for ANY similar product out there (including Fusion).  I couldn't find one.

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Eliza isn't actually AI, you know.  Lol

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