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Problems Spline to dat - importing Airfoils

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Problems Spline to dat - importing Airfoils

Hello all,

I also use for Fusion360 the plugin DAT to Spline from "Scorpio9999" -> Sergey.

When importing a profile everything works great. It is not centered on the selected plane, but theoretically the plane runs infinitely on its 2 axes, so thats okay.
Fusion puts this "point cloud" of the profile just in the zero point.

According to this video here:   (at 15:54 in case the link doesn't jump directly to the correct place) can simply move all the points with the Move function (press M as a shortcut). But in my case it looks like this:


Moving a point as shown in the first video does not move the whole profile but only one point and logically deforms the spline. Fixing the sketch itself works, but then it cannot be moved (not shown in the video). What is your general approach?


Greetings Sebastian


P.S.: Sorry for bad grammar. Not an english native speaker here 🙂


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