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Problem with new drawing from design.

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Problem with new drawing from design.

I hope sombody can help me this this issue.


Im trying to make new drawing from design to annotate. When it trys to set the base view, the view is no where near the crosshair / mouse pointer and sets by defult a scale of .0054. When i try to adjust the scale so its bigger, the base view moves even further away until the point i cant even see it on my screen.  I have only had this problem recently and dont know how to correct it. I have included 2 screen shots. Does anybody know why this is happening?


Regards Jerry

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in reply to: jerry_r

Check if there is not a small part or component floating way up in the air in your design.

It could be that it wants to capture the whole design however a lost part then puts your crosshair in the center of this part and your design.

Good luck!



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in reply to: i.geukes

Thanks for your reply,


I have just checked what you suggested but could not find anything floating in the air. Even when i only select certain componates or bodies and not complete assembely as new drawing i get the same problem. You can see from the photo i have attached that it places the drawing at the bottom left hand section of the boarder. It seems to be happening with other drawings also, not just the one im working on. It has me stumped?


thanks again, Jerry

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