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Problem when adding a BRepBody in the copy of a component

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Problem when adding a BRepBody in the copy of a component

I ran into a problem with the custom pocket add-in ( This may be related to my other question about adding BRepBodies to components (link) but I think it is a different problem.


The add-in fails with the following steps

  1. Create a component (let's call it "MyComponent").
  2. Sketch and extrude a body in the component.
  3. Copy&paste the component. Afterwards, there should be two occurrences ("MyComponent:1" and "MyComponent:2").
  4. Try to create a custom pocket in "MyComponent:2". The creation fails and in the preview dialog you can see the icon in the timeline highlighted in red.


I think what happens is that the tool body for is added to the component and this recreates the occurrence "MyComponent:2", which makes the reference to the body that was obtained earlier go stale. I'm not sure if I completely understand the interaction with components and occurrences but from what I gather, when you select a body in an occurrence, it acts as a proxy and changes to it are actually made in the component (not the occurrence). So the behavior I would expect is that adding the tool body adds it in the component and then the combine feature uses the respective body in the component through the proxy.


As in my other post, adding the tool body to the root component would be an option to avoid this problem but this is not really where it belongs, is it?


Is there a better way to deal with this?


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