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Problem to install numpy in Visual Studio Code

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Problem to install numpy in Visual Studio Code

Hi everyone,


I want to use the Fusion 360 API to create cylinders of different diameters. I managed to create all the cylinders and I wanted to apply a normal distribution function to calculate the different cylinder diameters. Hence, I want to use numpy but I cannot install it.

I looked up some Forum entries about numpy errors and I tried what they explained but it did not work.


I hope some of you can help:


Problem: I have problems to install numpy in Visual Studio Code using the Fusion 360 Python 3.7.6 64-bit interpreter


OS: Windows 10

Software: Fusion 360 and Visual Studio Code

Python Interpreter Version: Python 3.7.6 64-bit


This is what I tried:

First I checked the following:

  1. As described in the manual of the Fusion 360 API, I first created a module folder where I want to put the modules of my project.
  2. In Visual Studio Code, I selected the Python distribution of Autodesk Fusion 360 in "Python select interpreter" Python 3.7.6 64-Bit
  3. In Settings I checked that the pythonPath 
    \\AppData\\Local\\Autodesk\\webdeploy\\production\\424f8c95c53e4bcf60fdfcac8861ebfcf9c49f24\\Python\\python.exe is present


Then I tried the following in the Terminal:


pip install numpy
pip3 install numpy
python install numpy


with .\ and without, I also tried to use --target to put it directly in my folder.


Error Message:

The term "pip", "python" is not recognized as the name of cmdlet, function, script file ...


Then I tried openening Python in the Terminal:

  1. I put the following into the terminal 


C:\\Users\\...\\AppData\\Local\\Autodesk\\webdeploy\\production\\424f8c95c53e4bcf60fdfcac8861ebfcf9c49f24\\Python\\python.exe ​


  • Then I tried pip install numpy


>>>pip install numpy
File "<stdin>", line 1
    pip install numpy
SyntaxError: invalid syntax



Did someone have the same problem or has any suggestions how solve this problem?

Thank you very much for your help and time. If you need further information, please let me know.



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