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PRINT STUDIO: Toolpath stops generating at a certain slice...

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PRINT STUDIO: Toolpath stops generating at a certain slice...



I am trying to print a small part with Print Studio.  It is a thin walled shell type part that I modelled in Pro-E/Creo.  When I preview slices from the bottom up, everything is fine until a certain level.  At slice 45, suddenly the green toolpath disappears and doesn't show up for the rest of the part.  The blue model continues to build, slice by slice, but there is no green toolpath.  And this is exactly what I get when I print...a partial model.  I have tried changing the model around and changing the settings when I save it to .stl, but nothing works.  If I run it on the old Meshmixer software it will print completely, but Print Studio prints in much better quality, so I would rather use it.


I have attached screenshots of slice 45 and slice 46, where the toolpath disappears.


Has anyone experienced this problem?  Is there a simple solution?  This is for a professional prototype and I'm on a tight time line, so I need a solution soon.  Thanks for any help you can provide.



Kansas City

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Here's what the complete model looks like (attached).

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The issue might be because the the wall thickness of your model is too thin. It could be known issue and product(Print Studio) development team is working on that. A workaround would be to increase the thickness of wall.


It would be great if you can share the model to me( Then I can send your model to our development team for investigation.




Marshal Tu
Fusion 360 Developer
Autodesk, Inc.

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It's not the thickness.  The rest of the wall is the same thickness as the feet: .030 inches, which is two passes of the nozzle.  Doesn't anyone know??



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