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post processor

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post processor

hi folks. im having trouble locating a local re seller to buy or modify or edit a post? unsure of the process here. not very good with the java and a friend recommended contacting customer service. didnt have much progress there so im  reaching  out here.

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Gunna need some more info besides this. What machine? Do you have any sample gcode? have you tried any of the generic posts?

Also, it's javascript, not java.

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hi thanx for the response. and thanx for all the help on the forums. yall got a great product and a great team supporting it. I  got all kinds of info. at the shop i have notepad++. this wont work with MAC which i have at home and at the suggestion of a tech at fusion Texaswrangler works well with MAC and i plan on downloading that to edit the javascript unless you have a suggestion. i have a milltronics vm20 mill.  i have though coolant also. that was an area i wanted to edit. the post i have doesnt have the code output for it if i am explaining that correctly.  the option at the time of posting is there but will not post the program. if i remember correctly it gave an empty tool path error. when i looked at the javascript code for the post i did not  see a through coolant code. i saw the others m8 m9. through coolant is m36 on m64 off. 

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Glad you are liking fusion so far! Notepad++ is a great text editor for windows, and sublime is a great text editor that runs on both windows and mac. You shouldn't have too much trouble figuring out the post processor, but if you do need help, just drop a comment and I'll check it out for you man! You can change the M8/M9 to M36/M64 for your needs in the post processor by the way. I'd also make sure no other codes are different and dry run any new posts above the work piece and with a slow jog and feed override to be safe.

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