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Post processor global variables and attributes

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Post processor global variables and attributes

I've written a CNC post processor a long time a go, but can't remember where the global predefined variables are documented, like "description", "longDescription", "vendor", "propertyDefinitions", "tool", etc.


I'm aware of the API reference documentation, where I would expect to find the variables above documented, but I can't spot it.


Where can I find these variables?


Thanks in advance.

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The post processor guide can be downloaded from this link:


Maybe section 4.1.1 Kernel Settings is what you're looking for regarding global variables; you can also discover them from the global scope.

Also section 4.11 onParameter could be of interest for parameters (Is it what you call attributes?)



Jorge Jaramillo

Software Engineer


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Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned it, but I actually checked the training guide as well. I didn’t yet read through it thoroughly, but did a search of some global variables that I know exist, but couldn’t find them documented in the guide. Some were shown in some example, but I couldn’t find any comprehensive list.


I’ll reply later with more details of some examples, as I’m not at my computer now. One example, that I can think of right now is what variable do I set the version number of my post processor, that shows in the post processor meta information in Fusion (where also the post processor description etc is). Of course it could be something obvious like “version” (I didn’t try yet), but where is this documented?


With “attributes” I’m referring to the meta info for the post processor that shows up Fusion, including the “propertyDefinitions”.

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To keep it simple, I'll start with one specific question: In my post processor I have defined properties in the variable "propertyDefinitions". These show up in the post processor dialog:


Where is this propertyDefinitions documented? I'm sure it's somewhere, since I managed to define it some years ago, but I can't find the documentation now.


I searched for "propertyDefinitions" in the training guide, but get no hits. And I can't find it in the API reference either (where I'd expect to find it).

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The Post properties are defined in the training guide in "Property Table". Apparently the correct way is not use propertyDefinitions, but defining the definitions in the "properties" variable (which I also had, but only contained the set value). So maybe this has changed, and the old method I'm using still works. I'll update my post processor.

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I think I found the answer to most of my questions. Now I'm just wondering how to set a version number like here:


I looked at the processor source, but couldn't find that version number anywhere, except in a comment (and I tried that as well, but it didn't work). Maybe I'll just put my version info in the description then.

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