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Parametric Legos

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Parametric Legos

I have followed a tutorial on how to make parametric Legos, but I am having difficulty copy and pasting them without all of the parameters changing together. Basically I want to use the one parametric Lego to create non parametric Legos that I can move around, but right now when I change the original they all change. Is there a way to de-link so to speak the original Lego so I can have different sizes of fixed legos?

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Have you tried "Paste new"? It detaches a piece from the copy source.


The downside is that one gets all the parametric steps into the target project (I keep the "LEGO factory" as a separate project). I know there is a way to just paste a part but haven't found that yet. If anyone knows, please throw the hint.




Answering myself: At least this works to remove the design history.


1. Paste new to a temporary project (design history comes along)

2. Timeline > Settings (gear icon in bottom right) > Do not capture design history

3. Copy again

4. Paste to actual target


This way, the Factory retains design history but the consuming party gets the block as a simple, non-parametric body (two icons in the time line: create component and "base feature").

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