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Open file from web page - multiple opens not working due to lag

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Open file from web page - multiple opens not working due to lag

My web app lets users send parametric data to Fusion 360. This data is then parsed and the correct user parameters are set according to these values.


Since users can set parameters in multiple files, when my platform runs the update feature, a new anchor tag is created and clicked for each file - with the appropriate parametric data being sent. However, Fusion 360 only updates the first file sent and seems to ignore subsequent commands. This appears to be because Fusion is still working when this command is sent.


Is there anything that I can do about this? There doesn't seem to be a way for Fusion to send a notice that it finished updating and I don't want to send data for every file in one command as this could be a lot of data and I am not sure how Fusion would react to opening files so quickly.


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