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NOTICE- May 7th Update... lots of goodness, and a few important notes

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NOTICE- May 7th Update... lots of goodness, and a few important notes

We're incredibly excited for everyone to get their hands on an important update rolling out this Saturday, 5/7/16, from 2:00-6:00pm PT, but also wanted to give a heads-up on a few things.


There will be some significant improvements being made to our data management infrastructure, which requires us to:

  • Take you Offline from 2:00-6:00pm PT as we perform the upgrades (after which you’ll automatically be prompted to download and install the update)
  • Block new account creation during this same time period

Due to some technical limitations, if you are located in China, or for some reason you are not automatically taken Offline, is is strongly encouraged that you manually move to Offline mode to help prevent any possible data loss during the update.


Thanks for your patience and hope you’re as excited about the update as we are!  Catch all of the details in @keqingsong's What's New blog post.

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The update is underway!  Again, a reminder that if you are not automatically taken Offline, please manually move to Offline mode.

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