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Need help with biscuit slots along centre line of face

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Need help with biscuit slots along centre line of face

I use a lot of size 20 biscuits for cabinet construction. Currently I model each biscuit slot with a sketch on the edge of a panel, patterened along the length of the joining edge and then extrude-cutting each biscuit rectangle into the 2 joining bodies. I've had good success using parameter tables to semi-automate the process but its only just quicker to do all the modelling and programming for CNC than it is for a maker to do by hand.




 I have very little programming knowledge. Is there a script that exists that can quickly create this pattern? I'm picturing a userform than needs two edges to be selected, and a number of biscuits to be specified, and then the script will find the centerline between the 2 edges and cut the slots. Happy to employ the services of a coder to help me out here. Thanks

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in reply to: markQAJZF

Hi @markQAJZF -San.

I can't start working on it right away, but I can make it.
Since we don't know the details, could you please attach an f3d file that we can publish?

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in reply to: markQAJZF

Hi @markQAJZF ,


I will be available the next two days is you think I can help developing the script.

It will be just a matter of define the scope of it.


Looking forward hearing from you.



Jorge Jaramillo


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