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Need a script or add-in to process and export sketches to layered DXF files.

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Need a script or add-in to process and export sketches to layered DXF files.



I am looking for some help is simplifying my workflow for a series of repetitive steps our team does 10-12 times a day.  Basically we design fabric pieces for our product, which have the form of thin solid bodies, then use the Arrange function to lay them out.  (See first graphic.) We then project the bodies into a sketch that we can export as a DXF.  If we could just send that file to our fabric cutter, we would be fine.   The additional work comes in that the small cuts for the notches on the perimeter of the pieces (less than 1/4", shown in second graphic) must be made by one tool, and the longer perimeter cuts are made by another cutting tool, and the machine needs them as different layers in the same DXF file.  

So, what I need is some kind of add-in or API in Fusion 360 that does the following:

  1. Takes a sketch in Fusion as input and selects line segments by a size criteria (say between 0.2" and 0.3").
  2. Exports the sketch as a DXF with the selected (small) segments in one layer, and the rest in another layer.

If anyone has anything that does something like this they would be willing to share and/or adapt, that would be great.  I am a more high-level user of Fusion, and do not have any programming skills myself but would be willing to pay for someone to develop this for us if I cannot find anything available.  




John Tandler

Denver, Colorado






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I have no solutions to this but agree it would be a great thing to have. I work at a business designing modular timber construction panels. The architects use autodesk revit or sketchup, we then take simplified models and add all the details for manufacturing on our cnc router. This is currently done on autocad, outputting a layered dwg with 1 layer per tool. 


I would like to move all the cad and cam to fusion but also we sometimes outsource our machining to people that need a layered dwg/dxf to efficiently program their machines. 


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