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Natural Numbers Voice

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Natural Numbers Voice

Hi TF360


I want to raise a discrimination claim on behalf of Natural Numbers and, in particular, The Honorable ZERO, also referred to by friends as 0.


The Fusion 360 object, known under the nickname UserParameter Object, disfavours us (Natural Numbers), giving preferential treatment to DoubleFloaters only. Such practice is uncommon these days, and certainly, this can be confirmed by The National Academy of Sciences of the United States.

We want to emphasize, that Natural Numbers were the first, and we invented other figures, including those with a dot and attached appendixes, allowing them to float around supernumerarously.

Also, we do not consider ourselves a minority !; moreover, in spite of the popular expression ℕ ∈ ℝ, we are equally numerous. Only some outcasts say that we constitute 50% of the populus deriving it from 100%*∞/(∞+∞)=50%.

Furthermore …

How is it possible that our Numbriarch, Honorable 0, predating any known thing, is kicked-off by the F360 Bouncer while attempting innocent :

userPara.value = 0            

… additionally, with the shoutout:

"C:\Users/MichaelT/AppData/Local/Autodesk/webdeploy/production/96a31d03bc575ff47e83b445639b5f6bf3c08c6f/Api/Python/packages\adsk\", line 27190, in _set_value

    return _fusion.Parameter__set_value(self, value)

TypeError: in method 'Parameter__set_value', argument 2 of type 'double'

… while at the same time, the meagre zilch like 0.0 is accepted to the number's party?

It is hard not to notice that such behaviour is sanctioned by the F360 kernel's constitution, which states:

UserParameter.value Property - "This is a read/write property whose value is a double"


Thus we Natural Numbers appeal to TF360:

"Make ℕ Great Again And 0 Its Rightful Leader"


On Behalf of 0 ∈ ℕ


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