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MS Code - Python extension exception

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MS Code - Python extension exception

Running the latest Python extension I consistently get the following exception.   Has anyone else experienced this?

No breakpoints are set and this occurs shortly after a successful startup of my app.

Thanks in advance!


Exception in thread ptvsd.Server: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/<userid>/.vscode/extensions/ms-python.python-2020.6.90262/pythonFiles/lib/python/old_ptvsd/pt...", line 269, in process_one_message msg = self.__message.pop(0) IndexError: pop from empty list

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in reply to: balunist

Hi @balunist , this issues looks to be similar to, can you try if the mentioned solution works for you also? 



Rushikesh Kadam.


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Rushikesh Kadam
Senior QA Engineer
Quality Assurance
Autodesk, Inc.

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I deleted the extension as described and allowed Fusion to install by invoking debug.   They installed the latest version.   I included a fusion restart before and after.    I’m still seeing the same exception pop up after seeing my app successfully start.  
So no change occurred and it did not fix the problem.

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