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Move brepFace in parametric design

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Move brepFace in parametric design



I'm trying to move a brepFace but I'm having some trouble understanding how to do this. I would like to move a face but keep the body as a whole, I would also like to be able to rotate the face. Basically I want the option Move from the Modify menu.


Using the API-documentation I've looked into different methods but they all do not seem be suited for one reason or another.

  • MoveFeatures gives me exactly what I want, except that it only works for faces in non-parametric modeling.
  • Using OffsetFeatures I could create a new face but will then have to connect that new face to the previous face, creating at least 2 more features. Also it won't help me do a rotation. (Not similar to the menu OffsetFaces in the way I expected it to be.)
  • The brepFace object has the property Geometry which will return a Surface, which then has a method transformBy. Which is great except that the Geometry property is read only and nothing happens. The same counts for moving vertices.

Now I am wondering if I am going about this all wrong or if this option is just not available?
I've come across this exact same requirement before and just found a way to work around it, but now I'm running into it again I start to feel like I'm missing something obvious.


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in reply to: PinRudolf

Extrude to object will move and rotate the face 🙂

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in reply to: Ruud1

I have overlooked the simplest solution of all! 😄 This will suit my current project nicely.


(Yet it is only a coincidence that I actually have a face to extrude to.)


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