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Modeling association "feedback" loop?

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Modeling association "feedback" loop?

Looking to potentially switch our company to Fusion 360, the types of stuff we do and the way we work we would need some custom tools written for Fusion for it to be a viable platform. Is there modeling association "feedback" loop between python and Fusion? 

In other words, if we were to have scrip run and make something, then user makes some updates on that part, will the script be able to "re-run" and make necessary changes to the model? 

Here is a very simple example. 

The script runs and makes 2 circles 5 units apart on center. Let's say if the user were to then change the spacing between those circles to something like 10. I would then need for the script to make a new circle in the middle since the distance is now bigger than say 7 units. 

In reality, those circles for us would be "assemblies" with a bunch of parts in them. And the 3rd newly generated circle would be some other "assembly" with a bunch of parts in them.

Is something like this possible at this time with the API?

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The short answer is "maybe".  There are some things missing in the current API that could make it easier, but some things are possible with today's capabilities.  It's not trivial to implement, but it might be possible.  We would need to discuss what you want in more detail before a real answer could be given.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Brian, Thanks for the reply. 

Currently, we are on Rhino platform and with that, it brings a lot of flexibility that we need but also is missing a bunch of other stuff that we think we need. At the moment I have a few ideas for some tools we might be able to write inside of Rhino API to aid with some of the processes. While looking around stumbled upon Fusion again and it seems that the platform has grown A LOT since last I had seen the demo (maybe like ~3 years ago). While looking into it more I didn't realize that there is also an api available as well. Between having some really nice features already and the api, fusion becomes a serious contender for our workflow. I am also curious as to how fast is the api getting developed? It looks like there was A LOT of development in the early stages, but I am not seeing a lot of recent articles/videos in regards to new features etc. Is it still being developed actively? 


At the moment I am trying to figure out if it's worth the efforts to convert over to a new platform right now. I think that decision largely depends on the api development. Don't want to put a lot of effort into 1 platform if it's future growth is rather tangent to what we might need. 

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