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Minor Settings for measurements

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Minor Settings for measurements

Hi, I work a lot between metric and Imperial units and wanted to make a suggestion. Could you guys add a setting that would allow me to make a folder have default units, because every time I need to start making a design and manufacture a part for class, I find it slightly annoying to have to reset my units. If a developer could just... move the "select main units" function in the code to make it possible to set the units for a particular folder, that would be amazing. I hope you guys can implement this, since from my understanding Fusion 360 is based upon time savings.

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Hi @Bryancierniak ,

The documentation states in this article  that base units used in the API are:

Lengths - Centimeters
Angles - Radians
Mass - Kilograms

Units setting under Document Setting are just for user visualization, and you can change it as you like.


There is really the need for the suggestion you request?  Or, Am I wrong understanding your request?





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