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Method for getting the CAM setup WCS

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Method for getting the CAM setup WCS

Hello together


As I need the transformation matrix between the CAM setup WCS and the global coordinate system. Is it anyhow possible to read out the "position" of the CAM setup WCS using the API?

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Hi 9T_labs.


I'm sorry, it's just an idea.


I think that the script alone will hardly be able to obtain information from CAM.
However, here is a sample code for post processing. 


You can download CPS file in JSON format here. 


I feel that it is possible to obtain a lot of information by post-processing in JSON format and reading the JSON file as a script.
I would like to know if you can do it well.

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Created a sample script.


The contents of the file created by the JSON post
It may not be correct because it is not fully understood.


Attached data and script were executed.


You can get a lot of information by using postprocess even in the script.
I wanted to tell you that it was possible.

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in reply to: kandennti

Thank you so much for the effort! It saved me a lot of work! I will implement it now into our software.

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I'm sorry, but I feel that the correct result is not displayed.
It seems that you need to recreate it from the CPS file.

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