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Maximum total reaction force at constraint, event simulation

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Maximum total reaction force at constraint, event simulation


I am doing some impact testing in Event simulation and would like to be able to get the maximum reaction force on an entire constrained surface.


In the simulation it seems like the reaction force output is only for each "point" of the surface.


From what I can see now the only possibility is to manually check the reaction force in the constraint at each step of the simulation using Inspect -> Reactions.


The idea i have for solving this is to have a script that can access the Reactions tool and select the constrained surface and repeat it for each step and give the maximum value as output. Is this possible? Even better would be to get a plot of the output for each step.



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Unfortunately there is currently not any of the simulation functionality that is available through the API so it's not possible to write a script like you described.  We plan to expose the simulation functionality in the future but there currently is not a timeframe when it might be available.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog

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