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Manufacturing API - specifically Arrange inside Manufacturing model.

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Manufacturing API - specifically Arrange inside Manufacturing model.

Hi All

I have been swimming upstream against both somewhat lacking cam API documentation and the amount of time since I last attempted to write any code.


There doesn't seem to be any information about what kind of object an arrangement is in fusion API.

I am attempting to iterate through setups, identify their manufacturing models, asses the model and any arrangements in it to check for their existence and validity, as well as to get a list of Brep bodies included in the arrangement.


So far I have managed the first half, I read the man models used from the setups, iterated through a list of manufacturing models to identify the correct one, looked into this manufacturing model and saw its sketches etc.


But I cannot find where the arrangements are hiding.  They don't seem part of the manufacturing model, though they must me.  Is it possible they are just called a different thing in the API and I haven't been able to make the connection in my brain?


For example, I can look over manufacturing models sketches like so

sketches = mm.occurrence.component.modelParameters.component.sketches. (seems long-winded, is this even the right way to get at the sketches in the manufacturing model?)
But I cannot find a way to say something similar with arrangements like
arrangements = mm.occurrence.component.modelParameters.component.arrangements
I have already had some help here on the forum for this project,  so I was determined to try and get there on my own with this next hurdle - but I need help;)

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