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Lathe Post Processor: How to find the min Z for threading.

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Lathe Post Processor: How to find the min Z for threading.

This is a post processor related question I've been struggling with: How to get the Z depth on a lathe threading operation ( section ). I've used the dumper, but none of the parameters gives you this.. I've tried 'Section.getGlobalZRange', 'Section.getBoundingBox','Section.getGlobalBoundingBox', but again it's not there. It appears to be in the collection of 'CyclePoints'; when the dumper processes 'onCyclePoint' the movements data is there. From section scope you can get the number of cycle points from 'Section.getNumberOfCyclePoints', but there doesn't seem to be any access to the cycle points themselves. Is there any way to do that.?
So why? I like to do a 'Z' report in the gcode header, that tells the minimum Z value for each tool. This is a helpful setup aid, and reality check when you are machining very close to a shoulder. In the threading case often you need to machine tight up to it. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi There,


This is a CAM related issue while not an API issue, so it is suggested that this topic is moved into CAM and you may get response there.

Or you can email the issue to




Dave (Qing) Tian

Sr. Software Engineer

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