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Lathe (getNumberOfTools)

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Lathe (getNumberOfTools)

Has anyone come up with a workaround for missing tools in your tool table ? 


To elaborate i mean the missing tools when you use GetToolTable and GetNumberOfTools at the beginning of your postprocessor to create a tool table within the g code. 


When you are using a  lathe that has 2 different tools in 1 tool holder you use the first  2 numbers for the turret position and the last 2 numbers for the compensation number . for example  T0101 (T#1)  and T0131 (T#1)  could be 2 different tool positions in the holder . but the tool table only recognizes 1 of those tools and starts with the lowest compensation value. so in that example you may use both of those tools in your program but only T0101 would show up in your header .


Hopefully i explained my issue well . I am very green on API and not super familiar with terminology.



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here is a photo of the tool library and the code for better clarity . 



Also attached is the post processor . The code I am working on is line 846-861


Screenshot 2024-02-22 165444.pngScreenshot 2024-02-22 165427.png

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Hi @Damien_Deline -San.


Can you provide the f3d data from which T0101 and T0131 are exported?

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