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Keyboard Shortcut

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Keyboard Shortcut

I have assigned a shortcut key to a menu item for an add-in I created.

The add-in is checked to run on startup.

When I start Fusion360 again, the shortcut is gone.

Is there a way to keep the shortcut?








Brad Bylls
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I don't know what the difference could be but I just tried adding a shortcut to one of my add-in commands and after re-starting Fusion, the shortcut is still available.  I don't know if it's add-in specific somehow or what the problem could be.  Can you try it with an add-in on the App Store so then we can test it with the same thing?

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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I loaded Patrick Rainsberry's "Sheeter" add-in and added a shortcut to one of the menu items.

It did not come back when I started Fusion again.

However, It does not show up on the menu, but it is active. (I didn't try that before)

When I press Shift + C, the menu item works.

Tried it on my code and get the same thing.

It works, just doesn't show up on the menu.


Brad Bylls
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in reply to: brad.bylls

Hi @brad.bylls .


Here is how to get a list of registered keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) that I know of.


Run the following text command


This will export the list in json format.


For the exported file, run the following text command


You will see a lot of paths, but look at the "cloudCacheDirectory" folder.


You can use @JeromeBriot  add-in "Fusion 360 Open folders" to easily open the folders. 


The file "hotkey.json" in the folder is a list of Hotkeys.
Make sure that the CommandID you want to check is in this file.



Also, I haven't checked, but when you execute the addButtonDefinition method, do you set the resourceFolder? 
If not, you may not be able to register it with Hotkey because it cannot be pinned.

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