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Keshot export plugin - misplaced linked components

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Keshot export plugin - misplaced linked components



I'm using Fusion360 with KeyShot live link plugin. When exporting model to KeyShot some constraints are lost and components are placed in wrong positions even tough they are properly constrained by joint features in the model. My observations:

  • This issue relates to only one linked component in the model and all of it's instances. Other linked components behave properly. When I break the link to these components everything works as expected and exporting works fine.
  • Components in exported model are being placed in positions from their initial "insert" command. Joint constraints are being somehow ignored by export plugin.
  • Same behaviour happens when I delete joint features of these components with "capture design history" disabled and then re-enable "capture design history". They are being misplaced in identical manner as in exported model.

What is the cause of this behaviour? Is there any workaround other than breaking the link to these problematic components?


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