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Keeping Fusion 360 lines via API limited to sketch plane when I want to

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Keeping Fusion 360 lines via API limited to sketch plane when I want to

There's a "New Screwdriver" article titled, "Fusion 360 Lines Created Via API Are Not Limited To Sketch Plane". You can find it here: It makes sense that "skipping the unnecessary planes and sketches will generate fewer API objects", but what if I have a particular reason I want to limit the lines to the sketch plane? For instance, I'm generating a plane at angle and want to sketch on that plane or I'm making sketches following a path, and I want to draw lines on each of those sketches. My current solution/workaround is to generate the points starting from an origin plane and then transforming the whole thing to where I want it, but it would be nice to start off from where I want the points in the first place.

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It appears that when the points are matched up with a sketch, eg sketchXY.sketchCurves.sketchFittedSplines.add(points), the sketch is already treating the coordinates in reference to the sketch's own coordinate system (z in or out of the sketchplane), so it is already doing what I asked for...

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I want to add a few comments to this.  The article that was originally referenced implies that this is an API only capability.  It's not.  It's possible using the UI to create a sketch in 3 dimensions.  There's a preference setting, as shown below that when enabled will allow you to snap to entities outside of the sketches X-Y plane.  When you click the mouse out in space, the point will be on the X-Y plane of the sketch because Fusion doesn't know where else to put it, but you can snap to existing geometry outside of the X-Y plane.  It's also possible to use the Move command and move sketch geometry out of the sketch X-Y plane.  All sketches in Fusion are 3D, it's just that typically everything remains on the X-Y plane of the sketch.




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