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jointOrigin of second occurrence remains as the first occurrence

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jointOrigin of second occurrence remains as the first occurrence



At recent update, I started to experience an issue of jointOrigin coordiates.
This issue happens when two occurrences are created from one component, and use coordiate of jointOrigin.geometry.origin from each occurrence.

For some reason, coordinate of jointOrigin of second occurrence doesn't change and remains as the first one, even though GUI you can see two distinct jointOrigins, as if only this coordinate information is left behind. I never experienced this problem in previous releases.

Attached is sample code, where two occurrences are created with 1cm apart, and draw a line between jointOrigins, but end up length of line being zero.

Tried same test on originConstructionPoints, but this works fine. 


Does anyone experience the same issue ?

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in reply to: h_izumin

Thanks @h_izumin for reporting this bug.

I modified the script at 2 places as below and ran it in older internal build, there I was able to see that the sketch created contained a line between the Joint Origins. In recent build, am not seeing that, so this has regressed. Thanks for reporting this. We are tracking this issue with this internal ticket FUS-72531


# ~~~~~~~~~~~ jointOrigin of second occurrence with the contect
secondJoInQuestionWithContext = secondJoInQuestion.createForAssemblyContext(secondArmOccur)

# ~~~~~~~~~~~ list out points from first and second occurrence, should be 1cm apart
#targetPoints = (joInQuestionWithContext.geometry.origin,secondJoInQuestion.geometry.origin)
targetPoints = (joInQuestionWithContext.geometry.origin,secondJoInQuestionWithContext.geometry.origin)




Fusion Development team

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in reply to: sunil.v.b

Hi @sunil.v.b,


thank you very much for looking into this issue so quickly.

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