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jointMotion angle change not working with linked component

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jointMotion angle change not working with linked component

I have a Palette with sliders moving joints on a robot through the API.

This works when the robot is not a linked component.  However, when the robot is

a linked component, moving the sliders doesn't do anything.  Doesn't crash or give

any error messages.  Breaking the link makes it work.


Do I have to do things differently when a component with joints is linked?  I tried

calling refresh() but that doesn't seem to help.   Weirdly, if I go through the browser UI

and use "drive joints", it works even when linked so maybe the UI is doing something different?


Can anybody help?  Here is my code below.   Thanks!


if cmd == 'joint_changed':
                # joint position slider was moved
                # get slider position
                joint_num = data['joint_num']
                joint_name = "joint{}".format(joint_num)
                joint_angle_deg = float(data['joint_angle_deg'])
                # update model joint
                robot_comp = find_comp(CNAME_XARM)
                if robot_comp:
                        # doing directly to jointMotion
                        joints = robot_comp.joints
                        joint = robot_comp.joints.itemByName(joint_name)
                        rev_motion = adsk.fusion.RevoluteJointMotion.cast(joint.jointMotion)
                        rev_motion.rotationValue = (joint_angle_deg / 360) * 2 * math.pi





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